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Frequently asked questions

It's great that you asked!

Firstly, you can upload past reviews from your event in previous years as a part of event upload process. Remember, 90% of consumers look to online reviews before making purchasing decisions, so upload as many past reviews as you can.

Secondly, motivate your attendees to leave their feedback directly on your current event. Your feedback page (which can be found as a part of your event page) can be implemented into any event management solution, mobile or web application in couple of seconds via pasting a quick link. Alternatively, a dedicated email can be sent to your database after your event has taken place.

There are many other ways to collect ratings and reviews depending on the type of your event and your audience. Please, get in touch with our expert team here to learn about best practices.

You can get your basic event information uploaded onto our platform in less than 3 minutes!

However, the more information you provide us with when uploading your event, the higher your starting rating will be. We figure that the more you try to give your future audience a real insight into your event quality, the better positioned your upcoming event should be compared to other events on the market.

Let's start from basics. Upcoming events have predictive ratings. Past events have real ratings.

Predictive ratings (for events that haven't yet taken place) are calculated based on the performance of that event in past years, the general performance of the organiser, and the amount of information you give us about your event. The more information you upload, the better your starting rating!

Real ratings are calculated based on the real feedback of attendees after your event, weighed by the general performance of the event organiser.

Our special formula allows us to calculate the most up-to-date and relevant ratings for both your upcoming and past events.

Our data shows that ratio of positive versus negative reviews is 8:2. It means that on average 80% of attendees share positive experience on the events they've attended.

However, if a percentage of your attendees have had a bad experience, we've developed a reply tool that will allow you to respond publicly to the feedback. Contextualising any bad experiences can go a long way to rebuilding a relationship with an unhappy attendee.

By replying to both positive and negative reviews you can show your audience that you care about their opinion, and act upon it.

As we mentioned, we have predictive ratings and past ratings for event.

For new events uploaded to eventadvisor, we start by inviting you to upload as much information as possible about your event. We add to this any information we know about your event brand.