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Computer History Museum Mountain View United States California
May 19, 2020
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8.15 / 10
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Reviews from 2018

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A great event!

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It was a great place to be, well organizes and with a great audience and atmosphere to meet entrepreneurs. VC one-onöone was good, but maybe for a lot of startups a little early, Business Angels migt be good. I don't know if a lot of Business Angels attended. that woul dbe a great audience for future conferences.

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For the money we paid, we were expecting at least free water/coffee, and some snacks would have been great. Granted, the even is conveniently located downtown where Starbucks is next door, and restaurants are nearby, it would have been nice to have water at least. I would have liked to see more pitching companies. There were only 6. I think 10 would be good to see from variety of industries such as fashion, food, gadgets, and household products. Overall, the experience was good. It was just a bit hard to stay awake after lunch. The voice of one of the guests from the 2:30PM panel was too monotone. The exhibits were pretty slim. I noticed that there are less or almost no marketing/promotion items available to attract people to their booths. The take away for me is that great idea s, are just that, until you act on it. And even if you do act on it, getting funding is a big challenge.

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Seems that startups were really there for founders' stories and VC panel. Would love for that to be continued! Wish Q&A was opened up longer. I rather there be less sessions but more time for longer panels and Q&A.

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Great presenters and speakers.

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Great Event! I will be excited to come back again next year!

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Reviews from 2017

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Like minded individuls. Good networking. Registration wasnt seamless - needs improvement.

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Program was fantastic. I;ve met a lot of people I will def keep in touch with. Venue and surroundings can be improved if you wish for people around to survive the day. Few improvements and it will be a perfect event. Get some extra refreshments, add some seating around the venue (benches outside are too few). What about phone charging facilities? Starbucks on the corner seems to be the only option. I will regardless recommend your event - good job.

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Insightful speakers you don't see elsewhere.

Reviews from 2014

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Coming back

Reviews from 2013

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This event might take over sastr one day. Good job guys.

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Geoff Ralston

  • Y Combinator
  • President


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