5 crucial pillars of personalised styling

Creating your essential wardrobe

How to read trends & avoid fast fashion trap

Media One hotel, Plot n.1, Al Falak street United Arab Emirates Dubai
January 31, 2018
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The interactive styling workshop teaches you "How to put together an essential wardrobe & simplify your daily routine." Come and learn how to create Your Unique Personal Style, that helps you to save Time, Energy and Money! You will receive the ton of advice & tips on creating your unique style and style guide that will serve you as a guideline for any future shopping. No more "I have nothing to wear" nightmare!


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Reviews from 2017

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Afif Imran


It was really amazing experience for me with Lucia. Thanks to my personal stylist Lucia, I wear fashionable and colorful clothes despite the fact that I would never say I can wear it at all. All clothes is looking perfect on me, my girlfriend and friends are shocked and surprised as they really like my new style.I am more confident about my look and I do not have one single piece that I can't wear. Thank you Lucia for everything, you did for me.

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Reviews from 2016

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Amelle Gaddes


I was going through a career change when I met with Lucia, and it was important for me to find a new style inspiration“ I was nicely surprised by Lucia’s professionalism. When we just started, she was very responsive on emails, always on time. Her advices were honest (because that’s what we need at the end of the day), and each time she explained why a colour/style/composition was not a right fit for me. I initially took the basic package, but very quickly I included the other components: colour analysis, wardrobe detox, more personal shopping sessions because it’s a great investment and it’s a perfect way to save money, as that prevented me from buying clothes that I would never wear :-). Thank Lucia and I had so much joy and fun working on my wardrobe, going through clothes tha t I thought I would throw, which turned to be fabulous and other I was holding on, that turned to be a style disaster !!! you Lucia! I honestly think that personal styling and image consultancy services should be part of every woman’s routine, at least once in a lifetime.

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I did love my personal styling session with your unique image and it showed me so many things. Now I know exactly what colors I look great in, how to do my daily make up in a few steps, how to switch it to the night look and also how to create trendy outfits from the pieces I already have. I got the clue what is missing in my wardrobe and what pieces we will hunt for during personal shopping. Thanks girls

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Lucia Csobonyei

  • Your Unique Image
  • Founder/Director/Image Consultant


Your Unique Image

was founded six years ago by Lucia Csobonyei, an entrepreneur & personal stylist, passionate and genuinely devoted to her work. Go to event website »