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San Diego Mission Bay Resort United States California
May 14 - 15, 2020
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The Future of Marketing is Authentic Engagement on a Personal Level

This is a call to end inauthentic, impersonal marketing. With an influx of new technology and big data, the past decade was a learning curve for the next phase of marketing – one where brands are purpose-driven, campaigns are truly data-backed, and personalization makes marketing valuable. It’s time to look at the whole customer journey and the deliver the ultimate experience.

It’s been a decade of data-fueled opportunity and we’ve seen some of the most effective marketing campaigns in history, but we’ve also witnessed some of the most damaging – customer expectations are at an all-time high and brand trust at an all-time low. So the question is: how can we harness evolving martech, retain the human-element, and authentically connect with our customers?

The challenges are four-fold:

Brand Story & the Future of the CMO: How can we create an authentic purpose-driven, data-backed brand story that engages all generations and customer groups in a diverse audience?

Compelling Content & Creative Storytelling: How can we cut through the digital noise with compelling content that creates a genuine bond with your customer through a shared, memorable experience?

Martech Innovation & Customer Insights: How will new disruptive tech change the way we connect with our customers and save businesses millions with marketing automation?

Influencers & Social Success: How can we amplify reach and build trust with less effort and lower overheads? Video, influencers and the formula for social success.

Speakers 20


Olivier Ropars

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Stubhub

Chris Curtin

  • Chief Brand & Innovation Marketing Officer, Visa

Ira Rubenstein

  • Chief Digital and Marketing Officer, PBS

Doug Jensen

  • SVP, CRM, Corporate Marketing Analytics and Innovation Insights, Estée Lauder

Alex Weinstein

  • SVP Growth, Grubhub

Erica Chan

  • Head of Brand and Marketing, Alibaba.com

Leela Srinivasan

  • Chief Marketing Officer, SurveyMonkey

Connie Chan Wang

  • Director, Global Brand Marketing, LinkedIn

Carol Tran

  • Head of Growth, Dolby

Will Cady

  • Head of Brand Strategy, Reddit

Erin Gulden

  • Vice President, Inbound Marketing, US Bank

Rob Deline

  • Vice President, Global Marketing, Intel

Jeremy Stewart

  • Founder & Chief Marketing Officer, Hari Mari

Ryan Reynolds

  • Global Social and Content Marketing Lead, Uber

Hai Habot

  • Senior Director, Incubation and Growth, Stubhub

Kathleen Berry

  • Social Media Strategy Lead, US Bank

Kerry Ann Stimpson

  • Chief Marketing Officer, JMMB

Jasmine Kim

  • Chief Marketing Officer, Sutter Health

Maital Rasmussen

  • Head of Global Marketing, Roche Diagnostics Information Solutions

Dilip Bhatia

  • Vice President, Global Marketing & Chief Customer Experience Officer, Lenovo Ltd



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