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Data Engineering & Architecture sessions

Strata Business Summit

San Francisco United States Moscone West California
March 25 - 28, 2019
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The epicenter of data and business transformation

At Strata, you'll get a first look at the emerging trends that transform data and business. How to build a solid foundation for your AI strategy. Machine learning initiatives that scale (including cloud). Intriguing new streaming and IoT use cases. How to implement new machine learning or serverless technologies. Strata is where you’ll get the insight you need to prepare your career and business for the future.

You’ll meet data’s alpha geeks and business visionaries. You'll share ideas and best practices with data scientists, analysts, executives, engineers, developers, and AI researchers from a wide range of industries.

And you'll get the insider track on the latest tools and technologies—and the expertise, detailed case studies, and hands-on training to make your data strategies and implementations work today.


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David Talby

  • Pacific AI
  • CTO

Kelley Rivoire

  • Stripe
  • head of data infrastructure

Vinod Vaikuntanathan

  • MIT and Duality Technologies

Jeremy Howard

  • Enlitic
  • Founding researcher

Rachel Silver

  • MapR Technologies
  • Senior Product Manager

Paco Nathan

  • Evil Mad Scientist

Dean Wampler

  • Lightbend
  • VP, Fast Data Engineering

Doug Cutting

  • Cloudera
  • Chief Architect

Francesca Lazzeri

  • Microsoft
  • AI and Machine Learning Scientist

Karthik Ramasamy

  • Streamlio
  • Cofounder

Holden Karau

  • Google
  • Developer Advocate

Jason Dai

  • Intel
  • Senior Principal Engineer

Sarah Aerni

  • Salesforce
  • Director of Data Science

Sharad Goel

  • Stanford University
  • Assistant Professor

Tobias Knaup

  • Mesosphere
  • Co-Founder and CTO

Shradha Agrawal

  • Adobe Systems Inc
  • Data Scientist

Kirstin Aschbacher

  • UCSF Cardiology
  • Data Scientist/ Associate Professor

Sridhar Alla

  • Comcast
  • Director, Data Science and Engineering

Till Bergmann

  • Salesforce
  • Senior Data Scientist

Jesse Anderson

  • Big Data Institute
  • Managing Director



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