over 40 Health Transformers

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The StartUp Health Festival San Francisco United States California
January 13 - 14, 2020
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Since 2011, the StartUp Health Festival has gathered thousands of industry leaders, changemakers, innovators and entrepreneurs to focus on solving the world’s biggest health challenges. This invite-only experience, taking place alongside the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, will rally a global army of Health Transformers who are reimagining the future of health. Attendees will leave with actionable insights, powerful connections and a new mindset on collaboration.

Join us in the StartUp Health Village for an experience like no other. Mainstage fireside chats with world leaders, insights from over 40 Health Transformers, curated one-to-one meetings, wellness activities, powerful networking and more make the StartUp Health Festival the must-attend event for health innovators.


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user picture Speaker

Always a fantastic way to start the year and connect/re-connect with the people making a difference in healthcare. Well-organized, well-attended, visionary, empowering....a meeting not to be missed.

Reviews from 2018

user picture Visitor

Great incubator or I would say curator of health transformers

user picture Visitor

The team at Startup Health is a great resource to help startups take their companies to the next level on their evolutionary ladder.

user picture Visitor

Great speakers and energy!

user picture Visitor

Delighted to be part of this great event

user picture Visitor

The place to be if you want to change the world and help people live healthier and happier lives.

user picture Visitor

Bringing together courageous people who are serious about solving big health care issues and supporting them to get to those objectives faster - Startup Health is unlike any other organisation I have experienced. Bravo!

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It's a great encouraging, motivating and supporting startup entrepreneurs in the health industry

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Speakers 48


Bertrand Bodson

  • Chief Digital Officer, Novartis

Ashwini Zenooz, MD

  • SVP and GM for Healthcare and Life Sciences, Salesforce

Esther Dyson

  • Executive Founder, Wellville

Jenny Schneider, MD

  • President, Livongo

Michael Acton Smith

  • Co-CEO & Co-founder, Calm

Peter Leyden

  • CEO & Founder, Reinvent

Jane Metcalfe

  • CEO, Founder & Editor in Chief, NEO.Life

David Ewing Duncan

  • Author, Talking to Robots

Nicole Fisher

  • President & Founder, Health & Human Rights Strategies

Arundhati Parmar

  • VP and Editor-in-Chief, MedCity News

Josh Stein

  • CEO & Co-founder, AdhereTech

Sathya Elumalai

  • CEO & Co-founder, Aidar Health

Anish Sebastian

  • CEO & Co-founder, Babyscripts

Jonathon Feit

  • CEO & Co-founder, Beyond Lucid Technologies

Kate Rosenbluth, PhD

  • Chief Scientific Officer & Founder, Cala Health

Renee Ryan

  • CEO, Cala Health

Nilesh Jain

  • Managing Director & Founder, CliniVantage

West Shell III

  • CEO & Co-Founder & Chairman, Conversa

Lynda Brown-Ganzert

  • CEO & Co-Founder, Curatio

Naheed Kurji

  • CEO & President, Cyclica

Andrei Zimiles

  • CEO & Co-founder, Doctor.com

Yoran Hummel

  • President & Co-founder, eko.ai

Navid Rastegar

  • CEO & Founder FitBliss

Jill Angelo

  • CEO & Founder, Gennev

Wei-Wu He, PhD

  • CEO & Executive Chairman, Human Longevity, Inc.

Jakob Dahlberg

  • CEO & Co-founder, Joint Academy

Chris Cutter

  • CEO & Co-founder, LifeDojo

Brant Herman

  • CEO & Co-founder, MouthWatch

Mark Greget

  • CEO & Founder, NuEyes Technologies

Troy Bannister

  • CEO & Founder, Particle Health

Doug Adams

  • CEO & Co-founder, Qura

Rishi Madhok, MD

  • CEO & Co-founder, Rejuvenan Global Health

Imran Cronk

  • CEO & Co-founder, Ride Health

Lauren Weiniger

  • President & Co-founder, SAFE Health

Karen Drexler

  • CEO & Co-founder, Sandstone Diagnostics

Mylea Charvat, PhD

  • CEO & Founder, Savonix

Jason Lehmbeck

  • CEO & Founder, Special X

Jennifer Clary

  • President & Co-founder, The Baby Box Co

Ronald Weidner

  • CEO & Founder, Vive Benefits

Navya Singh, PsyD

  • Chief Scientific Officer & Co-founder, wayForward

Alex Ness

  • Executive Chairman & Founder, Welwaze Medical

Javier Cardona

  • CEO & Co-founder, 1Doc3

Steven Krein

  • CEO, Co-founder & Managing Partner, StartUp Health

Unity Stoakes

  • President, Co-founder & Managing Partner, StartUp Health

Bari Krein, JD, LLM

  • Chief Strategy Officer, StartUp Health

Howard Krein, MD, PhD

  • Chief Medical Officer, StartUp Health

Katya Hancock

  • Investor Network Director, StartUp Health

Polina Hanin

  • Portfolio Director, StartUp Health



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