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Backing startups is part of Google's DNA

Mary Grove is director of Global Entrepreneurship Outreach where she leads Google for Entrepreneurs. We began as a start-up in a garage, so backing start-up communities is part of Google’s DNA, she said recently. Google supports startups and entrepreneurs all around the World.

Mary will be one of many speakers – and there will be more than 200 of them – at the Global Startup Grind Conference 2018. It is Sillicon Valley that will host thousands of the startup community members early next year.

As mentioned above, Google partners with startup communities world-wide. They build campuses for entrepreneurs to help, teach and connect them with the right people and resources to build companies that one day would change the world we live in. They reached well over 100 countries and have their Campuses set up in different places from Tel Aviv to Warsaw, from Sao Paolo to Seoul, from Madrid to London.

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February 12,13,14 2018
Redwood City, California

Startup Grind

Entrepreneurship and innovation are thriving all over the world, not just in Silicon Valley, Mary Grove said in an interview in January, 2017. We see that all over the world, so it’s really exciting to see this tidal wave. It’s never been easier, in some ways, to start a company and your audience has never had the potential to be more global, she added.

During the internet age we all live in global reach for knowledge, contacts and even capital is much easier – and possible. Grove believes startups and entrepreneurs are the ultimate backbone of future economic development. Google - through its program - aims to become a platform to give power to the next generation of startups. Google for Entrepreneurs said it has reached 330 000 entrepreneurs, raising $1.8 billion in funding while creating more than 20 000 new jobs through startups it helped build.

According to Mary Grove a talent pool, a business-friendly government, and a culture that is not afraid of taking risks is crucial for a healthy startup economy. Access to capital is another. Google for Entrepreneurs connects various partners from all corners of the Globe to make financial resources available for those aspiring to create its own future.

Come to Global Startup Grind Conference 2018 to ask Mary if she still believes the same. Judging by her history in working with young companies and entrepreneurs outside Silicon Valley, one would think she still does.

Bio: Mary joined Google in 2004 as part of the legal team working on the company’s IPO then moved to New Business Development where she spent 6 years focused on a range of early stage product incubation and partnerships. She is an active leader in entrepreneur and developer outreach efforts both in the US and internationally, spanning initiatives in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. She has led exploratory trips and efforts for Google in Pakistan, Afganistan, Iraq, Gaza, and the West Bank. Mary earned her B.A. and M.A. from Stanford University and sits on the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

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