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In a recent Forbes interview, Andrew Ng was asked where he sees his career going forward following his departure from Baidu, a world leader in artificial intelligence (ai). One thing that excites me is finding ways to support the global AI community so that people everywhere can access the knowledge and tools that they need to make AI transformations, he answered. What other answer could one expect?

Andrew´s rise to fame came at Stanford. It was there where he led an extremely popular Machine learning course long before the catchphrase became mainstream. He then co-founded Coursera, one of the most popular online education startups. Coursera reported more than 28 million users and more than two thousand online courses in October, 2017.

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Some would even say he is the brain behind the “Google brain”. He was the founder and leader of the “Google Brain” project where they developed massive-scale deep learning algorithms. Among them the famous “Google cat”, in which a massive neural network with a billion parameters learned from unlabeled YouTube videos to detect cats. They trained the network using deep learning algorithms on 16 000 CPU cores to recognize higher-level concepts, such as cats.

They would not tell them what a "cat" is, however.

Andrew Ng is a deep learning and AI mastermind and superstar, yet thanks to his educational background he believes in even higher principles. Such as spreading the knowledge as far, as quickly and as cheaply as possible. He recently announced creation of, a project dedicated to disseminating AI knowledge, launching a new sequence of Deep Learning courses on Coursera. These courses will help students master Deep Learning, apply it effectively, and build a career in AI.

The number 1.8 million Machine learning students that Andrew already taught will grow even more.

AI is the new electricity. Just as electricity transformed every major industry starting about 100 years ago, AI is now poised to do the same, he claims and who better to learn from what´s on the horizon of the technology that will shape the World in the coming years. company.

There are millions of ways Deep Learning can be used to improve human life, so society needs millions of you from all around the world to build great AI systems, Andrew explains. Come listen to him at Startup Grind Conference in February 2018 in February.

There is one thing you can bet on: you will learn a lot.

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