Adi Tatarko, Co-Founder and CEO at Houzz

Adi Tatarko

Co-Founder and CEO


Story of The Houzz: Adi Tatarko renovated her home and then her future

Whether you plan on moving into a new place, look for ideas how to renovate your current home or apartment or are just looking to get inspired with ideas for home improvement, architecture or interior design, you have already more than likely visited The Houzz. Its platform and mobile apps feature photos, articles, product recommendations are used by 40 million people world-wide every month.

Come to Global Startup Grind forum to meet and learn from Adi Tatarko, The Houzz co-founder and CEO whose value was estimated at about 300 million USD by Forbes. In June 2017, the company raised 400 million USD in funding and current value of Houzz is now expected to be at around 4 billion dollars, according to Business Insider.

Adi and her husband Alon Cohen purchased their first home and had trouble remodeling it. In 2009, the couple started Houzz as a small project for close friends and family as their first customers. It was aimed at making the process of renovation easier. They used their own struggles with contractors to create this awesome place for home owners and suppliers to meet.

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Fortune magazine had asked Tatarko a few years back about the best advice she got when starting a business. Because a small after-work project quickly became one of the hottest startups for home improvement. Here is what she replied:

It was one simple sentence, but it says so much. Someone told us in the early days, “Don’t enter to exit.” It’s so true. The state of mind has to be, 'I want to do it. It will be fun in the long term.' If you’re trying to do something just to exit, then forget it. Do something for the long term. Start something with the state of mind, 'This is my journey.' To create something that will truly make an impact on many people or an industry? That’s the best reason to start something.

Adi will join dozens of high quality speakers at next year´s Global Startup Grind Conference 2018. Come to Silicon Valley in February to hear about a passion that became a unique and successful business. You will get inspired on how to renovate maybe even more than just your home.

However, millions of customers eager to refurnish, redecorate or rebuild their home from scratch better be careful. Adi Tatarko recently published a telling stat: 12% of couples consider divorce when remodeling or renovating their home. Good thing is, even if their relationship falls through, they can make their next home even better.

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