2500+ Participants

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Sankt Gallen Switzerland
March 21 - 22, 2019
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START Summit is Europe’s leading student-run conference for entrepreneurship and technology gathering more than 2500 participants with the aim of connecting relevant stakeholders. We strive for inspiring and educating early-stage founders and students in order to enable innovation.


START Speeddating is a fantastic opportunity for founders and students alike. We will choose the finest talents from elite tech and business schools and pair them with select startups. In a short chat both parties will be able to introduce themselves briefly and then decide whether they want to deepen the conversation later on. Get ready to meet your future co-workers!


When it comes to presenting an idea, nothing is better than good old talking! With a booth at START Summit, you will be in the middle of the action, close to all of your potential co-workers, customers and investors. So, prepare your pitch and get ready to get your hands dirty!


Another way of enabling innovation at START Summit 2018 are workshops held by professional industry leaders. These give 20 to 30 interested startups and students the opportunity to share with and learn from each other, while being able to ask industry leaders, tech experts and mentors for advice. Their exclusivity allows for high quality discussions and rapid knowledge transfer.


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Speakers 24


Bastian Nominacher

  • Celonis
  • Co-Founder / Co-CEO

Videesha Böckle

  • Signals Venture Capital
  • Founder / Managing Partner

Richard Socher

  • Chief Scientist Salesforce

Raphaël Gindrat

  • Founder / CEO Bestmile

Oliver Heimes

  • Partner Lakestar

Erik Podzuweit

  • Co-Founder / CEO Scalable Capital

Daniel Sennheiser

  • CEO Sennheiser

Olivier Kennedy

  • CEO Enigma

Bracken Darrell

  • CEO Logitech

Antoine Verdon

  • CEO Proxeus

Dr. Alfredo E. Bruno


Steven Neubauer

  • Ex Managing Director NZZ Media

Cédric Waldburger

  • Head of Ecoststem Growth Dfinity

Erkan Kilicaslan

  • Managing Partner Iris Capital Management

Max Meran

  • Co-Founder Opinary

Dr. Andy Yen

  • CEO / Founder Protonmail

Jurgi Camblong

  • CEO / Founder SOFiA Genetics

Peter Ruff

  • CEO / Founder exploris AG

Clemens Launer

  • CEO iNDTact

Sauli Böhm


Professor Dr. Winfried Heusler

  • Senior Vice President Schüco

Steve Dann

  • CEO / Founder MedicalRealities

Karl-Johan Sorensen

  • Founder SAGA Space Architects

Holger G. Weiss

  • CEO / Founder German Autolabs



START Global

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