Virtual Event San Francisco United States California
June 22 - 25, 2020
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Welcome to the largest data and machine learning conference!

As the largest data and machine learning conference, Spark + AI Summit brings together over 7,500 engineers, scientists, developers, analysts and leaders from around the world to San Francisco every year. Over four days, we shape the future of big data, analytics and AI as we share knowledge, hear from thought leaders and train on open-source technologies like Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow, Koalas, TensorFlow and PyTorch.



Spark + AI Summit 2020 kicks off with pre-conference training workshops, including both instruction and hands-on classes. Apache Spark 2.x certification is also offered as an exam, with an optional half-day prep course. Training and certification are available as add-ons to the conference pass.


  • Half-day Prep course + Apache Spark 2.x Certification Exam
  • Databricks Certification Exams


  • Find out what lies ahead for popular open-source projects – Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow and Koalas
  • Learn real-world Artificial Intelligence use cases from leading companies
  • Discover best practices for building, deploying and productionizing ML models
  • Learn about the latest deep-learning frameworks and Apache Spark Integrations
  • Hear how to improve performance and memory optimization from Spark committers
  • Learn how to leverage Structured Streaming in your ETL and real-time analytics
  • Get insight into how Data and AI together are unified to innovate business


8.50 / 10
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Speakers 40


Nate Silver

  • Founder, Author, The Signal And The Noise

Jennifer Chayes

  • Associate Provost of Data Science and Information, and Dean of the School of Information at UC Berkeley

Adam Paszke

  • Author and Maintainer, PyTorch

Ali Ghodsi

  • Co-founder & CEO Original Creator of Apache Spark

Matei Zaharia

  • Co-founder & Chief Technologist, Databricks Original Creator of Apache Spark™ & MLflow

Reynold Xin

  • Co-founder & Chief Architect, Databricks Top Contributor & Original Creator of Apache Spark

François Chollet

  • Google
  • Creator of Keras

Kim Hazelwood

  • Facebook
  • West Coast Head of Engineering of FAIR

Prof. Hany Farid

  • Berkeley
  • Digital Forensics Pioneer

Aaron Feldman

  • Data Platforms, Facebook

Abdulla Al-Qawasmeh

  • Engineering Manager, LinkedIn

Abdulrahman Alfozan

  • Data Platforms, Facebook

Abe Gong

  • CEO & Co-Founder, Superconductive

Abhishek Roy

  • Research Engineer, Microsoft

Alexander Thomas

  • Data Scientist, Indeed

Alon Rosenthal

  • Co-Founder and CEO, SecuPi Security Solutions Ltd.

Alvin Henrick

  • Staff Data Scientist, Clarify Health Solutions

Amarjot Singh

  • CEO and Founder, Skylark Labs LLC.

Andrew Brooks

  • Senior Data Scientist, Outreach Corporation

Andrii Rosa

  • Data Platforms, Facebook

Ankur Pathela

  • Software Engineer, Facebook

Balaji Venkataraman

  • Engineering Manager, Starbucks

Ben Weber

  • Data Scientist and Engineer, Zynga

Bilal Obeidat

  • Solution Architect, Databricks

Blake Becerra

  • Software Engineer, IBM

Brooke Wenig

  • Machine Learning Practice Lead, Databricks

Charles Adetiloye

  • Lead ML Platforms Engineer, MavenCode

Cheng Lian

  • Sr. Software Engineer, Databricks

Cindy Mottershead

  • Software Architect, Blackbaud

Cristine Dewar

  • Data Scientist, Affirm

Daili Zhang

  • Senior Tech Advisor, Halliburton

Dan Corbiani

  • Operations Researcher and Data Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Daniel Galinkin

  • Technical Leader, ML Platform Team, iFood

Daniel Imberman

  • Software Engineer, Astronomer

Daniel Tomes

  • Lead Resident Solutions Architect, Databricks

David Cunningham

  • CEO, DataFactory

David Springate

  • Senior Data Scientist, PetSmart

David Talby

  • Chief Technology Officer, Pacific AI

DB Tsai

  • Open Source and Big Data, Apple

Dean Wampler

  • Head of Evangelism, Anyscale




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