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Shanghai New International Expo Centre China
December 9 - 11, 2020
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CEFE Powered by INTERSCHUTZ was created by industry giants such as Hannover Messe and China Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd.. The Hannover Fire Safety Exhibition (INTERSCHUTZ) provides first-class information channels for security experts, safety leaders and safety engineers, and is an ideal display platform for security and safety equipment suppliers. CEFE Powered by INTERSCHUTZ is INTERSCHUTZ's major international exhibition in China. With the theme of "Building an International Security Platform", the exhibition establishes a professional exhibition and communication platform in the emergency industry field, and strives to make important contributions in accelerating the development of key technologies and equipment, optimizing the industrial structure, promoting the development of emergency industry clusters, and strengthening international exchanges and cooperation contribution.


Exhibition Sectors

Firefighting equipment: fire trucks, personal equipment for firefighters, firefighting equipment products, fire communication command system;

Emergency equipment: emergency vehicles, emergency large-scale rescue equipment, high-rise emergency escape equipment, rescue helicopters, command and emergency system, demolition equipment, exploration and detection equipment, special robots, lifeboats, tents, temporary mobile housing;Safety protection equipment: safety production protection products, personal protection equipment and protective clothing, industrial explosion-proof products;

Building fire protection solutions: fire doors and windows, fire shutters, fire coatings, fire protection materials for exterior walls, fire insulation materials, fire carpets;

Security solutions: video surveillance equipment, fire alarm equipment, burglar alarm equipment, intelligent building solutions, various types of intelligent biometric identification systems, network alarm systems;Road trac safety products: trac rescue vehicles, trac command processing equipment, trac safety equipment, intelligent trac management technology, trac information communication systems;Social emergency fire service agencies: civil emergency rescue agencies, insurance agencies, safety inspection companies.

Public health epidemic prevention and medical rescue: protective supplies, protective consumables, disinfection supplies, medical equipment and equipment, inspection and testing, drugs, digital epidemic prevention solutions, medical rescue equipment


Gathering Global Resources

The flagship international exhibition INTERSCHUTZ in the field of international rescue services, fire prevention and mitigation, safety and security is held every five years at the Hannover Exhibition Center to showcase cutting-edge technologies and products in the fields of global protection, prevention, rescue, assistance, accident warning, surveillance and communication, etc.At the same time, INTERSCHUTZ has created a series of brand exhibitions in Australia, Italy, the United States, China and other places, forming an international network of INTERSCHUTZ brands and radiating the global market. CEFE Powered by INTERSCHUTZ as its strategic layout in the Chinese market will play a positive role in promoting China's emergency fire protection industry.


New plan for 2020 to Deepen Industry Exchanges and Promote Business Cooperation

Smart fire protection solutions - keep the city safe

The German delegation came to present the high-tech of Europe

Chinese and German experts guide industry Development

Live demonstration activities - experience the technology innovations on-site

Matchmaking promote the precise connection between upstream and downstream

Foreign business docking activities contribute to global trade

Thinking under the epidemic New opportunities ushered in public health


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China Anneng Construction Group Co., Ltd.


This is our first time to participating in CEFE. We feel that the exhibition is very professional. We brought a lot of new highlights and solutions this time. Many preemptive equipment were displayed, most of which were used in the first line of rescue, with strong operability and practicality, especially the first demonstration of multifunctional water purification vehicles and anti-epidemic vehicles, which attracted wide attention. It was a centralized display of products in the field of emergency and fire safety, which has better publicized the corporate image and culture.

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Shanghai Aurora Schmitz Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.


We are very glad to take part in CEFE. We are the loyal exhibitors of INTERSCHUTZ in Hanover. This year, when we learned that the INTERSCHUTZ brand was launched in Shanghai, we immediately signed up to participate. The Chinese market is very important to us. It is a great pleasure to meet our customers from all over the country. We also wish the INTERSCHUTZ series exhibition become better and better.

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Guangzhou Lisheng Exhibition Co., Ltd.

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