Tools and Techniques of AI & Machine Learning

Meet with AI and ML leaders

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Parc 55 San Francisco - a Hilton Hotel United States California
April 15 - 17, 2019
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Applied AI for Developers

Practices and use cases for applying AI & machine learning in software engineering is a dedicated AI and machine learning conference for senior software engineers, architects, and technical managers.

Software is changing the world. AI is changing software.

Software development is always evolving. And Software engineers continue to evolve with it.

Before DataEng became a thing, we had DBA’s and ETL folks. Software Engineers became more involved with the work and created the DataEng field. Before DevOps, we had Operations/Systems Administrators. Software Engineers became more involved with the work and created DevOps. We are seeing the same thing happen in SecOps… security folks who have operational SE skillsets.

Now, AI and machine learning are changing and shaping the future of software. Traditionally, this has been the field for PhD level data scientists. But as tooling and libraries are becoming more available and understood, that’s changing. Software engineers are moving into this field creating new roles, such as Machine Learning Engineers.

Our hypothesis is that there are large numbers of software engineers who have the talent to harness data in how they work, but don’t know the right problems to solve with AI and machine learning in engineering. When should you use a machine learning algorithm? When is a rules engine the right approach? At, we’ll help senior software engineers and architects uncover the real-world patterns, practices, and use cases for applying artificial intelligence/machine learning in engineering.


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Franck Verrot


We know we'll meet and talk with experts, and short talks are extremely useful to introduce in-depth use-case studies. I was not disappointed and will definitely come back.

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Prathima Donapudi


High quality talks from the innovators in the industry with no sales pitch. Helped me to get a much broader and deeper understanding on where AI is headed and some of the areas where it is actively applied.

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