Sheraton Addis Ababa ET
April 11 - 12, 2019
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GITFIC enhances the business executive and ordinary business person(s) to gain knowledge and exposures to new business opportunities, investment incentives and other resources needed to drive their businesses. GITFIC also brings to the door steps of business person(s) the opportunity to benefit from latest trends in international trade, industry watchers and academics. GITFIC seeks to bridge trade barriers between Africans first and then Africans to the Global world. The overall aim of GITFIC is to see free trade amongst Africans and lead the status quo on the best business practices by African business people and shaping them adequately for the global market. In April 11-12th 2019, the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce will HOST GITFIC with support from the Ethiopian Embassy in Ghana. In attendance will be Top/Middle Level Executives, Business Owners, Trade & Finance Experts, Government Officials + over 500 exhibitors from across Africa and Europe. DONT MISS THIS FOR ANYTHING!


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